Over the years, I’ve found myself, in writing and conversation, saying, “Well, onward.”  At first, it was punctuation, thrown in as a final statement – something of a sigh. Over time, it grew into something else entirely becoming a statement of resolution – raw and sure and full of unapologetic curiosity for a world that rarely makes sense to me and that doesn't seem to mind me poking it now and then to see how it ticks.   

When I thought about what to call this place, this reservoir of thoughts and examinations, I wanted it to be descriptive but broad enough to allow me freedom of write about whatever seemed most pressing at the moment. Please, don’t reign me in.

So Onward it was. But that domain wasn’t available. Damn.

Onward in the Making made sense too, and so, was born.

Onward because I’m interested in what’s coming, what I’m leaning into and bringing about. I’m interested in peaking under the hood of our collective human experience to see how something works.

In the Making because Life isn’t just sitting there waiting for me to stumble over it. Life is a creative effort. Our lives being the most sincere masterpiece we’ll ever create.  

Onward in the Making then, is about evolution – mine and the world’s, at large.

So, onward we go.