What I Believe

I believe business is the most powerful force for change on earth. 

I also believe that entrepreneurism is a spiritual path. In fact, it's one of the most profound platforms for personal development and spiritual growth. 

The two combined form a mighty elixir for powerful change - for your life and your business. But you have to show up more consciously, with more awareness, and let the business transform you as much as your business transforms the world. 

That means, to stay clear and on purpose, you have to use the ancient tools and technologies that are now being scientifically proven to benefit the mind and enhance focus, clarity, productivity, even happiness. 

These tools are available to the general public for the first time in human history. Previously, they were carefully guarded by and used only by royalty and select lineage practicioners. In more recent decades, the most successful people we can think of have been using these tools for years - quietly, away from the media. 

Today, they're available to you, to me, to anyone and everyone that is ready to harness the energy within us and apply to the world around us. 

Applying these tools and technologies in business leads to an entirely new level of success. 

This is an extraordinary life you've been given. Let's create a way for you to spend it well.

Let's make sure you make something beautiful. 


About Me

I'm part yoga and meditation teacher, part entrepreneur and business mentor. You can use any one of these titles, or all of them. To me, it's all the same. 

I offer a well blended mix of deep meditative and yogic practice and experience in business strategy and launching purpose-based enterprises. I practice meditation and yoga as seriously as I do business. 

In my world, each feeds the other. 

In the last decade, I’ve founded, co-created, and consulted for dozens of purpose-based startups and social enterprises – domestically and internationally - and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs. 

I’ve negotiated with investors at conference tables, established cross-sector partnerships and sat on expert panels. I’ve created and run post-disaster programs in Central America and guided adventure trips around the world. I’ve been a judge in business plan competitions at NYUColumbia and Pace University.

In between I studied and practiced yoga and meditation, explored Buddhism and esoteric technologies, and regularly taught what I know in places ranging from small studios and homes to Union Square in NYC. I did this to stay connected to a deeper meaning and aligned with my own inner equilibrium. I did it for me. 

Then, one day I realized how deeply each piece of what I practiced affected the other parts. My work life improved as my meditative practice deepened. I learned that the wisdom of the teachings permeate all aspects of life, including my work. 

The way I began to show up in board rooms and conference tables shifted and people noticed. I brought presence, a quiet but intense power and steady passion. I listened more, talked less. I was more likely to respond, instead of react. And opportunities came easily because I was aligned with my own inner flow and present moment. 

I still teach yoga and meditation.

And I still coach and champion entrepreneurs and visionary business leaders.

Today, the two have alchemized into one space where inspiration meets potential and, together, they create the change I'm looking for.