On the riches of this longing heart

It is never worth betraying your own heart to get it filled halfway.

So is the habit of so many women. All kinds of women: strong, capable women; depleted, struggling women; creative women; analytical women; old, young, thin, fat, homemakers, professionals, extroverts, introverts and everybody else in between. Women like me.

In our heart we desire down deep, all the way inward to our innermost craving, a man who has the stature and abilities to bear the strength of us, of Life itself. A man who has the firmness of footing to stand ground through our gale force winds and the elegance to kneel when we’re still. A man who sees our beauty, accepts our undulations, revels in our depths and yet carries on along his own path, choosing us by his side. 

We so long for a connection to this kind of masculine that we accept half-way love as revelation. We accept not enough as plenty. We take less, thinking it’s more and end up betraying our own hearts. Our hearts cry out to be filled, all the way. We want saturation.

This is the yearning of the woman.

The longings we have dwell side by side the depths we have to offer. They’re like lead lines down into the wells of our giving. And it’s deep. But it takes a man of a certain constitution to discover and mine those depths. Those places, those treasures are precious. Please, don't give away those treasures for cheap. 

Someone will come along that will be just right. Someone deserving of you. And when it's right, you won't get a small portion of him - he'll give you it all.

I don’t know what it’ll take to meet that man. It may happen. It may not. But I do know this: It’s never a good deal to exchange a dollar for fifty cents, or your whole heart for a piece of another.