With Giants, Sequoia National Park

Location: Sequoia National Park

From the quiet of night, the sighs and snores and rustling of clean hotel sheets, comes the dawn. And with the dawn comes the energy only children can exude mere seconds after opening his eyes. They see nothing absurd about starting the day with a shriek and demand.

We adults are blessedly slower. Or I am. This mountain air, that sunshine, takes longer to create anything close to a shriek in me.

The day goes on.

The gang of 5 ambles toward Crystal Caves – the Sequoias underground jewel. To get there is a journey unto itself.

We pass through the Giants. They tower above us and spread themselves wide. Mighty in their hulk, impressive in their durability. With bark as much as two feet thick they have withstood history and the crimes of time – fire, earthquake, drought, freezes – not to mention attacks of insects and humans alike. They have survived far longer than most things living. Some more than 2000 years. Pre-biblical. Ancients.

Beneath them we shuttle as one multi-limbed, unwieldy unit to the first waiting area. Here we do nothing more than things dully human. We pee, we sit, we meander. When it’s time, we shuttle to the next waiting area. There, too, we pee, we sit, we meander. Such is the everyday of adventure. We take in some lunch.

The tour that takes us into the belly of this sacred earth, amongst proof that things motionless to our eye creates majesty over time, begins an aching 3 hours after we set out.

How juvenile the human mind, the ability to rest in patience, mine.

From the RoadHeather Rees