10 Questions to Ask to Find Out if You're Ready for Change

You want the quick and dirty version of creating change in your life.

That's cool. Who doesn't? 

But do you know the #1 reason people don't manifest their ideal life, start their own business, make the income they want to make [insert your desire here]? 


If you live in the Western world, and barring imprisonment or threat of violence, you are the reason you're not actively creating the life you want to live. 

I know, it's harsh. I'm not here to sugarcoat the truth. I'm here to raise you to your highest state of excellence as a human being and as an entrepreneur. Sweetness has a place but this isn't it. 

To paraphrase what one of my yoga teachers said: 
You have to get gnarly with your practice to get out of it what you want. (tw)

Let’s get gnarly.

Answering these questions will help you clarify what you want, why you want it and what's getting in the way. Grab a cup of coffee and get honest with yourself:

1. Am I satisfied and mostly happy with how things are presently?

2. What is my ideal {life, work, income level, relationship status, enter other state of being here}

3. What is it that I want to feel? Do I feel that way now?

4. Why don’t I feel that now? What is missing?

5. What do I need to change to feel that way?

6. What am I willing to change to feel that way?

7. Do I have the resources available to me now to make the change?  

8. Am I willing to change my schedule, give things up, and make this a priority right now?

9. What is preventing me from taking the action I want/need/wish to take?

10. If I could wave a magic wand, I would rid myself/let go of/dissolve _____________ .