32 Reasons You Should Start a Side Business

1. You'll make extra money.

2. You'll try out a crazy, brilliant or creative idea without changing your entire career. 

3. You'll develop a new skill you've always wanted to develop, or hone one that needs honing. 

4. You'll stop caring about your colleague’s annoying nose picking habit because you have a backup plan.

5. You'll follow all smart financial advisors’ advice (finally) and diversify your income.

6. You'll reap tax advantages (hello, deductions). 

7. You will gain real world skills and street smarts from duking it out in the creative economy. 

8. You get to learn what it feels like to have flexible hours and no boss (except you). 

9. You’re startup costs are low and your income ceiling is as high as you’ll let it be.

10. You will know that you’re building an exit plan from your day job (if you want one).

11. Meaning, you can stop worrying about getting laid off or downsized.

12. You can explore and decide for yourself what your preferred work environment is (alone, with people, in an office, at a coffee shop, at home, with a friend, with strangers, with music, without music…).

13. You will become more attractive to future employers.

14. You get to choose who you want to work with.

15. You can fire people that don’t play well in the sandbox.

16. You will have a new story to tell at cocktail parties when somebody asks you, “So, what do you do?”

17. You will watch less television.

18. You will get a chance to develop your creative chops.

19. You will find out what it means to test and respond to your market.

20. You will challenge your grey matter. From what I hear, doing new challenging things wards off dementia and ear hair.

21. You will become a master iterator as you learn to shift and respond.

22. You can test your entrepreneurial chops without all the risk of losing income.

23. You will suddenly be the cool friend everybody wants to invite to dinner parties because you’re doing stuff everybody wishes they were doing, too.

24. You won’t die with the regret or say, “Gee, I wish I had tried that idea…”

25. You can stop complaining you’re not pursuing a passion.

26. You can find out if what you think is your passion is what you want to do as a career or if you want to keep it a hobby.

27. You will make new friends.

28. In 5, 10 and 20 years, you will thank yourself profusely.

29. You will discover your strengths and what feels good.

30. You will also discover your weaknesses and what you need to delegate.

31. You will lose the concept of boring nights or weekends with nothing to do. 

32. You will have the extra dough to take that trip to Bali and splurge on beach-side massages. 

And (bonus): You will feel accomplished, cool and a part of the new class of people starting businesses and doing work that matters to them.