6 Takes on Unlocking Your Passion + Purpose

Much is said about pursuing a passion or finding purpose. SO much. And like most career coaches out there, I have my own take on it. But I’d never advise anybody to make an important decision based on one person’s perspective.

So, here you go – 7 helpful, diverse perspectives for you to choose from:

1. You have goals. You have vision. But
do you know where they came from and – ahem – are you sure they’re yours? And gosh, I love the 5% rule.

2. If you’re in the mood for a sassier take on aligning with your passion, as in, don’t do shit just to please your parents (sorry, Mom) - 
this one is an all time favorite.

3. Maybe the issue isn’t finding your thing, maybe it’s choosing it. 
Here’s a take on owning your choices, and trusting them once and for all.

4. You don’t need to sell all your belongings and live off Ramen noodles to make a career of your passion and purpose. 
Keeping it real while living with heart is where it’s at.

5. Purpose vs. prestige. Ever the tussle, and forever will be. Here’s
a super (and simple) secret formula to finding that sweet spot and avoiding the desire to jump off a cliff at 50.

6. And if what you’re really looking for is the meaning of it all (who isn’t?), 
George Lucas is simply elegant on this topic.

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