A Note on Purpose

You want to know what the point is. It’s burning you up inside.

Why are you here? Is there a purpose?

Yes, darling. There is.

But it might not be comfortable or easy or served on a shining platter.

The reason you’re here is to be You - to be unimaginably, shockingly, beautifully,  tragically, uniquely you. (tw)

You’re here because the universe wants to see what you - shaped and baked into what you are today - can do with what you have. And you have SO MUCH.

* You have what lights you up and expands you out.

* You have your gifts, talents, skills and insights.

* You have what you’ve learned, with both pencil and hard knocks.

* You have your many (oh so many) people that love, support, teach, promote, boost you up and cheer you on.

* You have your terms and boundaries, your very clear No’s and Absolutely Not’s.

* You have a heart full of infinite wisdom, a head full of brilliant grey matter and a body willing to do your bidding.

* And you have a world waiting, with baited breath, to witness who you are and what you’re ready to be.

So, please, accept your purpose and go out and be who you are with all your heart and might. That in and of itself is a lifelong journey and the worthiest of all reasons to exist at all.  

Make it a priority. Listen in. Find out.

We’re waiting to applaud you.