Behind the Curtain: Benefits of Starting Your Own Business

If your job is slowly killing you but the idea of starting your own business sounds like more burden than bliss, then you shouldn’t do it.

You can change your career another way. You can stop reading right here.

No judgement. No foul.

Not everybody should start a business. Not everybody is made of entrepreneur ilk. Similarly, not everybody is made to be a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, a painter. You have to own your stuff.

However, if you do have an itch to try your hand at business, then by all means, do it.

Don’t wait around for the “right time”. Love, there is never a “right time”.

  • You will never have enough money.
  • Your job will always keep you busy.
  • Your kids will never be old enough.
  • Your spouse will never be quite ready.
  • And somebody will always need your help, or attention, or love, or your excellent baking skills for your kid's next bake sale.  

You have to decide that your desire to start a business outweighs all the reasons not to.

There are plenty of reasons not to.

And there are plenty of very good reasons to start a business. You just need to claim them.

The benefits of starting your own business aren't always concrete and wrapped up in a pretty box. Yes, there's the profit thing and the potential to work from home thing. But it's more personal than that.

Many of the benefits are things that you can't touch and you can't buy. It's the stuff that makes up a life in total and what you remember years from now.

I could go on endlessly about why you should start a business, it’s what I do all the time. Instead I decided to ask several entrepreneur groups, "What benefit do you get from having your own business?"

And here are some of the answers:

Tiana Renard: I feel like I'm doing something that really matters. In my first career, I felt like a cog in a wheel: unimportant, not too valuable, easily replaceable. All of this was so difficult for me because I desire to be heard, to be valuable, to truly contribute! As an entrepreneur, not only can I be all of those things, but I can also be completely authentic, the most important thing!

Halley Razz Gray: Being a leader and connecting wonderful people together to accomplish great things. My life is happier, healthier and more abundant now that I own my own business.

Illana Burk: Having my own business saved me. Literally. I was on my way to the career I was 'supposed' to have. The one where I never made any choices and just climbed the ladder for the sake of climbing the ladder. Starting my own business actually saved me from myself - from my own perfectionism and ambition. Through my business, I learned how to fail gracefully, pick myself back up when I had to, stop looking for validation from people I didn't respect, and it has ultimately taught me what I'm truly capable of (which turned out to be a lot more than I thought). Also, my boss is hot - so that helps.

Sarah Yost: I'm not very employable. And I'm very independent. The main thing my business does for me is it allows me the space to build my own thing for me. I can serve who I want to serve and live the way I want to live. There's no middle man.

Chrissy Das: I enjoy doing freelance work because it provides me with multiple sources of income. I have a full-time office job that I enjoy, but there's always the risk that I will be downsized. Freelance projects keep me from ever getting bored or complacent, and keep my skills sharp.

Natalia Real: I get to shape my days and nights and plan my vacations with more excitement than ever, because I have the power and freedom to decide what to do when and with whom. Such tremendous freedom is impossible to beat.

Mallie Rydzik: Time freedom. Cliché? Overdone? Maybe, but true.

Rebecca Tracey: Being able to travel and still make money!

Shana Lynn Yao: Finding meaning and fulfillment in everything I do now. From learning, to speaking with others, to just being alive.

Pretty sweet, right? So - are you ready?