Do Not Quit Your Job

You dream of giving your boss the heave-ho and making your glorious exit into a rosy horizon, leaving all the people who were mean and indifferent behind in a dust of bad lighting and stupid, endless meetings.

And, oh, the glory of delivering the well deserved (proverbial) face punch after your boss tells you for the last time everything you did wrong on the last project!

I know, it’s so tempting.

Someday, you probably should do just that.

But today, today take 10 deep breaths and a walk around the block.

Today, think about rent (or the mortgage) and how the job feeds other areas of your life.

Today, do not quit your job.


Because what you want is not a dramatic exit of self-righteous proportions. 

You want the gut-level, feel-good satisfaction of waltzing out with grace, elegance and a really good plan that knocks the smirk right off your mean boss’s face.

Doing well and showing them how it’s done (all successful-like), is the best exit you could take.  

So, for the refrain, do not quit your job. Quit this instead:

Quit complaining. Your boss is mean. The work is boring. Your colleague didn’t deserve the promotion. Complaining about it only wastes energy you could be putting toward your exit plan.

Quit stalling in vagueness. The idea of leaving with a bird in hand is one thing. Actually having it is another. (
Use this to bust past vagueness

Quit wasting time. Spending your lunch hours (if you even get them) bitching about your boss or burying yourself 3 leagues deep into social media is not a good idea if you have a swanky exit to prepare for.  

Quit blaming. Yeah, so your parents didn’t buy you the pony and you wasted your 20’s on substances and navel gazing. So what. What choices are you making today?

Quit telling yourself you deserve better. Darling, you do. But it’s all too easy to get stuck in grand declarations of deservedness. Deserving better isn’t the same as creating better. And the latter is what counts.