Dump the Rules and Do It Your Way (Or 5 Ways To Do The Hardest Thing In Business)

salvation. Where doubt distills into power. Where releasing beliefs with savvy can crack you open to creating cash. 

Being a successful business owner is being a master alchemist. 

Anybody who made it through 8th grade chemistry knows the good stuff comes from doing the work and pausing for the process. Allowing the magic to happen takes time. 

While one thing is cooking, you’re mixing together the ingredients for another and prepping the stage for the next. 

Sitting down to a blank page while I’m worried about my bank account. Jamming out a product launch map while my inbox fills up. Ninety minutes of yoga moves while my to-do list waits. 

That’s not the hard stuff. That's just running a business. That's fun. 

What’s hard is doing that and staying You. 

It’s easy enough to buy the books or read the posts on best business practices. The latest on What You Must Do to Kickass in Business.  

It’s so much easier to get on the treadmill and do what others tell us to do. What they tell us is Right. To take on their beliefs and to trust that. 


It’s so much easier. But you’re not here, you’re not reading this, because you signed up for easy. 

You’re here because something is telling you that you’ve got something important to say, something brilliant to do. And the world is waiting. 

Showing up authentically amidst the hailstorm of should do, want to, need to lists can make the strongest of us quiver. It’s exhausting and confusing and made of the stuff that makes delivering pizzas seem downright attractive.

But do it anyway.

Do the hard work. Find your authenticity. Get real.

And then once you’ve tapped it, take your Truth and show up. Give what you know, how to do it and with your sauce. 

Don’t regurgitate. That’s gross and after a while, it’ll show. And when it shows, it won’t sell. No selling equals no cash. And no cash equals no business. 

Self-care isn’t for pansies. This work requires all of you. Shore up your reserves by taking care of yourself. It does nobody any good to wear yourself thin. 

Know your shit. Showing up real means bringing it all to the party. Sparkles and warts alike. We all have our stink. Getting to know yours and being cool with it builds trust and deepens what you can give. 

Be gracious. Saying Thank You isn’t just a giveaway to others. It’s for you, too. Show gratitude to yourself for doing this work, showing up raw, and giving the real goods. It just keeps getting better.