3 Things to Do When You Fail

It happens, failure. From little bumps in the road to total face-plants, life just isn't the same without them. 

And, we need failure. We need it to expand into new places (like learning new boundaries and what compassion can mean) and to rub off the grime to let the light shine through (failure has a way of dealing with arrogance and entitlement). 

So when you fail, keep these 3 things in mind:


From the video:

Consider staring a dedicated notebook, or start a note using Evernote to keep track of the lessons learned and answer these questions:
* What choices did you make that led you to failure?
* What were the results of those choices (before you hit failure)?
* What were the resources you could have used or the people you could have called on to change the outcome? 
* What did you learn about what you value, your boundaries, and places where you did and did not honor yourself?