Finding Your Common Thread to Start a Business

If you’ve hopped from job to job searching for the ever-elusive sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in your career, knowing that you have the smarts, talent, creativity and hustle enough to be successful and happy…if only you could find that right thing…

Never satisfied with one role. Bored quickly with one job. You love the challenge of something new but crave the gratification of digging in and doing good work.

I get it. 

You might be an entrepreneur and in need of a creative outlet. 

You need to start a business.

Before you do that, you need to first find the common thread that ties all your choices and experiences together. The through-line that makes sense of it all so the business you start is a logical extension of your talents, skills, interests and values. 

Below are a few questions to help you discover that for yourself, which come straight from the worksheets and assignments I give clients who are looking for their common career thread:

Step 1: Vision and Values

What I want to be known for:

In my life I most value:

Step 2: Skills, Talents and Interests

When it comes to work, people thank me for:

When I feel strong, capable and confident I’m doing this:

Before I became busy and over-committed, I really loved to:

Step 3: Responsibilities and Commitments

What do you feel like you need to do?

What did your parents want you to be?

What did you study in school?

Step 4: Your Common Thread

When I think of the work and career I’ve had so far, I’m most proud of:

Now, think about the work you’ve done in life so far. What ties it all together? Look for similar verbs, nouns or descriptions. 

Then, considering the answers you've given complete the sentence: 
I'd like to start ___________________ business.

When you’re ready let’s connect more deeply to get your business off the ground and into the world.