Giving Birth is Hard Business

Giving birth is hard business. And I’m not talking about babies. I’m talking about the heart grinding, back breaking, shit shoveling work of bringing something new into this world. Expecting it to be anything else is just fooling yourself. 

And what’s the point of that, anyway? 

Nothing is going to make it any easier. Certainly not complaining. So get to it.

This means strap on your big girl boots, and dig. Dig with all your heart. Dig as if your very life depended on it {maybe it does}. Dig even as blisters form {they are your points of strength}. And for god’s sake, take breaks.

Take breaks from the effort. Rest. Replenish. Practice ease. Notice how far you’ve come. Rejoice!

Then dig again.

And when you are ready to complain. When ‘quit’ becomes a word. When mamahood doesn’t look so nice anymore, remember the sweet shine of the moment you first conceived.

Step into that moment, and remember your WHY. Remember that small moment you – inspired – allowed in the greatness of who you are and what you can be. That moment – inspired – anything seemed possible. And you believed.

Dig, my friend. 'Cause giving birth is hard business.

And like any new creation, like babies and butterflies and fresh strawberries - it's worth it.,