How To Get Anything Done (Part 2)

Ok, so you’ve decided that a career change is your priority. Good.

You’re clear about what you want, you’ve carved out the time in your schedule and you’ve hired a coach to accelerate the change. Even better.

You’re even ready to forgo television, some happy hours and occasional sleep to deliberately create the future ahead of you. Incredible.

Basically, you’re on fire.

Now what?

While you are filled with the energy and verve of the early days, it’s important to gather resources and set up systems to keep you going when your energies wane (because they will).

If you’re anything like me, this is boring as hell. Start talking to me about business systems and my eyes glaze over, no matter how hard I try to stay smartly focused. 

Truth is, though, they’re insanely necessary for the health and longevity of your enterprise. They’re your business broccoli. You’ve gotta eat’em.

I’m no expert in these things (eye glazing does not a good master make) – but I’m hella good at finding the experts and following their savvy advice. So here, are my recommendations* of experts to follow or products to try if you’re ready to set up your business for a happy, healthy future:

Systems Finishing School – part self-study, part group-program this program offers a comprehensive overview of various systems you’ll want in place to run a smooth business.

Systematic Success Guide – a comprehensive systems organizing program that covers everything from managing contracts to social media. Plus,

Stress Less and Impress – created by a freelancer, this course is great for service based freelancers who are tearing their hair out trying to juggle the multiple administrative realities of the freelance life.

Rock Your Systems Course – plus the owner, Michelle Shock, gives weekly, detailed posts about software solutions and business organizing tips will keep you up to date on the best ways to stay sane (not to mention the other products she has for you!).

Feel a wee bit creative? Kathryn Brown of
Creating Your Plan has your back. She helps creative entrepreneurs with planning, productivity, organizing and generally getting things done.

Perhaps you’re an introvert? Check out Tanja Garner of
Conscious Introvert Success has a reservoir of resources on getting business done while managing energy, honoring your own cycles, and being your own uniquely unique you.

And if it’s accountability you need, Jen Louden’s
Creating Your Own Mastermind Group  shows you how to create your own group as a catalyst to your own success.

Please note: this is not a comprehensive list but one created by asking smart online business owners what they use to get their stuff done. So, jump in with what's here or take it as a starting point. 

However you proceed it's important to know that as important as it is to do some things, it’s just as important to not do other things. Wth that in mind, here is a short list of what tonot do as you go about setting up your systems:

>> Do not invest time and energy into a program that promises six-figures if you just do X or an incredible-wam-bam-silver-bullet to your business needs.

>> Especially do not invest in a program that hands out general advice on how to start or market your business. Believe me when I tell you this, you’ll regret paying for it. There is way too much incredible, general business and marketing information available for freeonline.

>> Do not put off organizing and planning thinking that some fantastic future will arise when you’ll suddenly have more time, resources, inclination or whatever to put systems and support into place. There is never a good time and life will always be busy.

>> Do not assume that your sidegig is too small for systems. Everybody and everything benefits from some organization and deliberate planning. Even you.

>> Do not think you can just hire this out. If you’re the boss of your business then you have to put the systems in place. Hiring somebody else to organize, plan and systematize your business is handing over the reins to somebody else. Why would you do that?

Ok, off you go into the wild blue successful yonder. May you be well planned, nicely organized and well on your way to a flourishing sidegig.

Have any suggestions or recommendations for a program or person who helps us sidegiggers stay organized and productive? 
Let me know about it.