How to Manage Your Time

Big question: How do we manage this crazy, full life AND all the demands, dreams, desires and lessons we want to birth? 

We have stuff to do. We have things to be. To become.

I have a lot of dreams. Big and small. Brazen and humble. Dreams like spending 3 months in silence at a monastery in east Asia; hosting regular dinner parties and a roving range of house guests; and spending lots of time with my nephews. 

I also live like the rest of us, with dirty dishes, dentist appointments and a stack of unopened mail.   

I’ve tried the Covey system, the excel spreadsheet system, and lots of software systems. None of’em worked. 

What works for me now – gorgeously, simply - is the Entrepreneurs Schedule, developed by Dan Sullivan.

The way to soothe the crazies and rock time management: 

Two Free Days – These days are just what they sound like. Free. No obligations you don’t want to make – and definitely no working.

Without planning free days in, I won’t take them. What with the ongoing list of things I could be doing I’d wake up every single blessed day and put myself to work. But here’s the deal: without days away from my creative self I’d have nothing to give. The well would be dry. 

So I take them like ritual. I surf, I take long walks, I lie in bed drinking tea and reading long into the mornings. I just let it roll. Easy like.  

Two Buffer Days – On these days I do things for myself and my business that prevent me from being present on my focus days. They’re for handling loose ends and all the things that prevent me from jamming on my Focus Days.  

Things like planning my social media, reading newsletters, responding to emails, and talking to my accountant. I also use these days to go grocery shopping, take care of my truck, and have coffee with friends. 

These days are brilliant and have changed my life. No kidding. Before, if I saw a thread on the floor I’d vacuum it – and the rest of my home - instead of working. And I despisevacuuming. Knowing that I have two days to take care of the nigglies keeps me focused. And real. 

Yes, the floor will be vacuumed, the grout will be bleached, and the letter mailed – on my buffer days. 

Three Focus Days – Three beautiful days to do nothing but focus on creating your goods and making money. 

I use these days to talk with clients, write, think, and create. It’s huge, blissful blocks of time for me to do what I do best. 

I limit my distractions by turning off my phone, checking email only twice a day, and ignoring what isn’t on fire or time sensitive. I also keep a notebook beside me to write down all the things I need to do on my buffer days – so no vacuuming. 

Use it. Make it yours. It’s simple genius.