On the Importance of Expansion

Sometimes, life just sucks. 

It’s not popular to say so, but it can just be like that.

Sometimes the lessons are buried so deep we’re not going to get to them for a very long time. And when we do, we’ll forget this moment and that there was ever a lesson to learn. 

That’s ok. 

Sometimes, the lesson is in the living. The lesson is to show up, again and again, even if just the thought of it exhausts you. Even if showing up is better done in bed. 

An hour in bed, wholehearted and full of yes, is a hell of a lot better than a day of sucking the fumes of should, gotta do, and supposed to with no reprieve and full of no. 

That Yes – sometimes it’s just a whimper. A silent, halfhearted slump toward what we want because that’s all we have to give. 

Hell, it’s a start. 

Any move –no matter the exuberance or lack of–toward yes creates expansion.

Expansion makes room for letting in; letting in all the stuff like wonder, aliveness,inspiration.

And inspiration – when we take a look at the root meaning from Latin – literally means to inhale, to breath in. To expand. 

To say Yes is to live with the intention and action of expansion, inspiration, and making room for the good stuff. 

Amazing, isn’t it? It's that simple. And that hard. 

So start where you are. Even if it down right sucks right now. Find a way to say yes, to anything, to something. 

Remember, you got yourself here – wherever that is. So you might as well say yes to it. 

Yes to this experience. Yes to this lesson. Yes to this next step before you. 

Yes, please. More of that. 

And when that feels impossible, like it’s all sharp edges and deep, dark blue, it’s ok to say yes to sinking into the abyss, into the very is-ness of what is. Even there, even down dark and deep, Yes has a way of expanding and bringing you back to inspiration and letting in space for more.  

There is light. You just have to be willing to see it. 

There is light. And the light is Yes.  (tw)