Pleasure Seeking for Hustlers

Sometimes, amidst the noise of living, we forget that we have the choice to loosen our grip on the day to day hustle and allow in ease in as collaborator and co-hort. 

It won't stop progress and it's not a waste of time. You can keep hustlin' because hustle and ease go hand in hand.

In fact, creating space in your life for ease to flow is one of the purest forms of developing deep wells of  creativity, productivity, and focus. When you're at ease and in flow, you get shit done. 

How do you find ease? It's finding, and allowing in, pleasure. Simple, oft forgotten, pleasure. It's drinking it in with all five senses. It's appreciating the miracle of small - and large - pleasures we have at our disposal every day. 

In pleasure, we expand. When we expand, we allow in more space for more of what we want - be it creativity, opportunity, or pleasure itself. And we get more shit done. {funny how that works}

Pleasure is a personal pursuit, no doubt. You know it when you feel it. For some of us, though, pleasure has become a foreign substance. An unknown entity in this world of must-do's and middle managment. So for you, dear ones, here's 20 ways I bring pleasure - and ease - into my day to day:

1. Wear soft cotton, softer cashmere, and softest silk whenever possible.
2. Pick garden flowers and put them somewhere meaningful for you - kitchen table, desktop, or in the hands of a dear friend.
3. Put clean sheets on your bed. Sprinkle them with lavender scented baby powder. Get in. 
4. Do Child’s Pose.
5. Open Pinterest and look at pictures that please you. 
6. Listen to the sound of water.
7. Go outside and drink in sunlight.
9. Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and feel the rise and fall of your chest. 
10. Listen to anything by
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.
11. Read a delicious novel just for the hell of it.
12. Subscribe to your favorite magazine. Now, book a 1-hour date with yourself each month to enjoy it uninterrupted.  
13. Buy yourself that pint of ice cream, slice of cake, or iced creamy wonder-drink and savor every single ounce of it.
14. Buy and use peppermint, sweet orange, lavender and sandlewood essential oils.
15. Take a 10 minute walk.
16. Write a 5-minute love note and send it to a beloved.
17. Cook yourself dinner and eat it picnic style on the floor with pillows and candles.
18. Use coconut oil on your skin after a warm bath or shower.
19. Make a playlist of your favorite sing-along songs and play it on your drive around town.
20. Deep breaths. Lots of them. 

Hustle and flow. You've got this.