Read This When You're on the Wrong Side of Exhausted


It’s 7 o’clock at night and you’re on the wrong side of exhausted. Your body aches. Your head is mush. And all you want to do is order Thai takeout and go into a semi-comatose recline state until lights out. 

But you can’t because you have a business that reminds you that you have a future to build – a future that you’ve spent hours dreaming up and hustling for. You can’t give up now. 

So no matter the burning urge to sink into a static brainwave state don’t do it. 

Consider this: In a month or even a week, will you be ok that you vegged out and fell short of your edge? Will you feel satisfied that you didn’t go all in?

Or will you look back with brightness in your face because you rocked that proposal or acquired a new client because of the extra push you made? 

You know the right answer.*

So love, peel yourself off the floor and take a hot shower or do 3 minutes of jumping jacks and rearrange your molecules to align with your future. 

The future lies in your business.

Your business is the generator of the freedom, financial flow and creative expression that you crave.

Your business is worth every ounce of what you have to give.

Don’t hold back. 
You have this one life to live. Give it all you’ve got.

*Sometimes the answer is to reach for more. Sometimes it’s to embrace rest for the sake of depleted reserves. Only you know the right answer.