The Not So Secret to Success

The difference between Successful You and Failure You comes down to a pretty simple formula.

You’re not going to like it.

It’s not going to make anything easier for you. It’s definitely not going to solve your problems or greet you with fresh squeezed orange juice and a smile in the morning. But the answer is straightforward.

Anybody can do it.  

Here it is:

The difference between Successful You and Failure You is that Successful You does three things really well:

  1.        Choose
  2.        Commit
  3.        Follow Through

That’s it.
(I told you wouldn't like it.)

Most people have a really hard time choosing what cereal to buy in the grocery store or what to do on a Saturday night. How are they supposed to choose what to do in their business?

So most choosing usually happens quite unconsciously, meaning it’s made in the moment without much thought put into it. We choose based on gut reaction, a sense of obligation or a tendency to uphold the norm. 

But these kinds of choices don’t count when you’re going for the gold.

Are your choices actually aligning you with what you want in the long run?

Are your choices set to deliver you results that will get you to where you want to go?

Do your choices feel good to you?

I feel like every time I have a conversation or overhear one in a coffee shop, somebody else is talking about being ‘committed’ to something. It’s said with a leveling of the eyes and conviction in the tone.

I’m sure on some level they mean it but it’s starting to look and feel like the new diet trend – everyone is trying it on and talking about it. Few are actually committing to commitment.   

Though the term is getting thrown around like a posh new designer label, the gravity of commitment demands so much more.

What does it mean to commit?

It means you’re aligning not only your word but your time, skills, energy and focus around an idea with the determination to bring it into the material 3D - no matter what. You’re character is built on such things. So is your reputation.

You become and exude what you commit to. Commit wisely.

Follow Through
This is the Mother-of-All-Reasons for success.

Spoiler alert: Nobody cares what you choose and commit to if you don’t do anything about it.

We live in a 3D world and we need to see the 3D proof of who you are and what you’re business does. You can have all the brilliant ideas in the world and mull them over with a friend over expensive cappuccinos, but that doesn't do anything but massage your own brain muscle. How does that change the world? What does that have to do with entrepreneurism? 

Look, thinking and talking about a project is only that: thinking and talking. That's easy. Follow through is what happens after thinking and talking and what most people never do.
Follow through is the major differentiator between people who are successful, and people who aren't. 

It's getting out of your own way, giving a nod and no more to any doubts and fears, and going about doing it. 

You don't have to know how to get to where you're going. 
You don't have to have all the answers.

You don't even have to have what you think you need to begin. 

Just begin. 

"Then indecision brings its own delays, 
And days are lost lamenting over lost days. 
Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute; 
What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; 
 Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." 


Now go forth, dear one, and create.