The Success Revolution

Ah, space. That lovely sounding thing that other people have. 

Space to enjoy a cooking a meal. 
Space to appreciate the sunny days. 
Space to chat with a friend long enough that you degenerate into long, rambling musings that go nowhere. 

Who are these people? 

They must be either:
   a) Unsuccessful, generally lazy, and going nowhere
   b) Incredibly successful and rolling around in their ‘made it’ status, or
   c) Independently wealthy

They’re definitely NOT working hard at a career, raising a family, and paying bills. Much less scraping by or playing hide-and-seek with their rude, annoying manager. 


Nope. Wrong. 

There’s a revolution afoot. 
It’s a revolution of unusual standards. 
It’s changing the world. 
It changed my world. 

And I want you to join me.

Here’s what it’s about: Success is what you define it to be. 

Do you believe that success is a maxed out 401k? An expensive car? A fancy-sounding job? A closet full of clothes? 

Do you believe success is having time to do what lights you up? A friend you can call at 3am? A home that expresses your creativity? A healthy, happy body? 

You decide. There are no wrong answers. There are no right answers. 

What you say success is, is. 

Here’s my definition of success:

  • Healthy, vibrant body + mind
  • Daily connection to spirit + practices that keep that connection open
  • Regular reminders that magic is
  • Friends + family that know my goods and bads, and love me for it
  • Friends + family that I know their goods and bads, and I love them for it
  • Work that I want to do until I’m a wrinkled, wise lady
  • Play time that lights me up and calms me down
  • Regular down time with nothing to do. Nothing. 
  • A healthy, happy bank account that I’m comfortable with
  • Plenty of adventure and travel – in a dose just right for me

What’s your definition of success?