We, the Dreamers, and the Dreams We Dream

Dream big. Bigger. Boldly embrace your inner giant and march forth into greatness. Want more. Be more. Make more. Have more. Do more. 

It’s everywhere. More. 

And yet, I’ve had conversations with countless women - friends, colleagues, clients, and with myself - who have said to me: Heather, I don't have big, bold dreams. And {quietly, shyly}, is there something wrong with me? Is this something I need to fix? 

First, no there is nothing wrong with you, dear one. You are perfect and whole just as you are. Just like this. Your dreams are valid and beautiful, whatever they are.

Still I see the look in their eyes. I have felt my own heart when I admit these things to myself. Ashamed. 

Ashamed because she wants to start a family and commit herself to union with home and community - instead of exploring the callings of the city. 

Ashamed because she likes her job as personal assistant - and has no desire to climb the corporate ladder or become an executive of anything.

Ashamed because she loves her small hometown and wants to stay - instead of wandering other seas. 
For me, ashamed because I like my small, quiet life tucked away in my little surf shack - instead of nights out dancing, networking, meeting as my single girlfriends call me to do. 

These women and I don’t always feel the pull to dream the dreams outwardly celebrated - the dream of more. Instead, we dream the another dream – a dream of deepening in the specific way that calls each of us.  

Deepening into the every day. Deepening into the subtle, and profound. Deepening toward the call for stillness, listening, and communion with our own personal dream. Deepening into what feels good, to her, and her, and me. 

And so, in many ways, our song is the song of staying. The song of enoughness for what we dream. 

The world still spins, and the sirens still call {and our hearts still may suffer because of this, too}. And yet routine turns to ritual. The common becomes sacred. Every day is divine. Each one of us finds our own space to celebrate - be it big, or small. Red or yellow. No matter. It is our own. And that, that is a beautiful dream to dream.