Why Consciousness in Business Matters So Much

Have you heard? It’s the age of disruption. Everybody’s talking about it. Last year we all went gluten-free, this year we’re all disrupting.

I know people who are saying they want to a step further and disrupt the disrupters. Whatever that means.

So, in that spirit, I’m declaring it high time that we decide, right now, that the old rules of doing business are no longer valid. 

Let’s disrupt this thing.

What are the old rules we’re throwing out? Things like:  

  • The sole purpose of business is to make money (a la “cash is king”)
  • You can do good in the world, or you can make money
  • You have to sacrifice all of your time, money and relationships to launch a successful business
  • You have to follow the path somebody else walked and follow the rules somebody else made up

Thing is, they’re just not true. Or they don’t have to be. There are countless businesses that disprove each one of those traditional beliefs. For some big gun examples, just take a look at the values at the heart of Tom’sWhole FoodsChipotleSeventh Generation or Warby Parker.

The way you design, launch and run your business, who you collaborate with, and how you engage with the world all matters. And, lucky for us, we’re at an important crux in history where it matters more than ever. 

In this new dynamic, values and a vision for a positive future lie at the heart of business.  We get to create that! 

Making these changes, disrupting the status quo, requires a level of consciousness that a lot of us aren’t used to. It requires that we discover what we, as business owners, deeply value and make decisions that align with those values – even if it means we take a different path toward revenue generation.

Sound inconvenient? It is.

But consider this: According to
this article, more businesses are being shut down than being started. Some even say that 90% of businesses will fail or close their doors within 10 years. 

I don’t know about you, but a 90% failure rate tells me we desperately need a new way of doing things.  

A new way of doing things requires disruption. 

It requires you and your effort and brilliant mind to create the business that lies at the heart of your values. The world needs your conscious business. 

Are you ready? 

Let's disrupt the way business is getting done. Let's be rebels and disrupt the old school rules. Let’s be radical and bring consciousness in. Let’s create businesses with a deliberate thoughtfulness and an eye keenly focused on values and in integrity with those values.