You are a Creative Genius

I write. And sometimes when I write it feels like breath moving through my body – easy, effortless, and essential to my very survival. 

I wish it were always like that. But it’s not. 

A lot of the time, it’s like sticking an IV in my arm – forced, somewhat painful, and pushing manufactured vitality through my in-between spaces hoping to rejuvenate a stale system. 

I’ve learned that creativity, in general, is like this for everybody, more or less. 
We resist. We put up the good fight. We find excuses. We wash dishes. 

Ultimately, whether it came easily or was forced, we end up feeling better for expressing our creativity. 

So then, why do we avoid it if it feels so good? 

Like a skipping record, I hear “Oh, but I’m really not creative”, from the mouths of most people I know and work with. It’s a mantra of sorts. Or a weak, and silly minded, affirmation.

And it makes me laugh.  

I laugh because I was that person, too. Oh, I so understand. 

Most of my life my parents and people around me encouraged and flattered me with compliments on my creative ability. In fear, I scoffed and retreated behind the many reasons why I’m so obviously not creative. To prove them all wrong, I pursued academics and the intellectual life. 

I was really good at it, too. I made it through grad school with flying colors, my thesis used by other researchers. I even had people tell me I wasn’t a good writer. Or that I wasn’t “the creative type”. 

 So ho-ho! I proved my parents wrong, right? 


Insisting that you’re not creative is like insisting the sky is green. Sure, maybe you’d like it to be a different color, you might even be able to convince people of a greenish hue, but it’s not – and never will be – green. 

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it isn’t necessarily a duck. Check under the costume first. 

Here’s my take on it: if you have a pulse, you’re creative. 

If you’re on this earth and living a life like the rest of us – you’re a creative genius. 
(and don't let the snobbish arty types tell you otherwise.)

Just think of it:

You’re creating all the time

You’re creating your body: blood cells, skin cells, and all the in between cells, shedding and replacing. 

You’re creating your relationships: the love you give, the love you take, promises, stands, and boundaries made. 

You’re creating currency: the work you choose, how you perform, how you save, and how you spend. 

You’re creating landscape: the home you inhabit, the people you interact with, the trees you plant, the ones you take down, the institutions and commerce you move within and around.  

You’re creating culture: the food you eat, the drinks you drink, the words you say, the clothes you wear, even the very colors you prefer and how they go together just so with your very particular way of doing it. 

And you write emails, you post, you Tweet and Pin. You probably even text. 

You might draw, or make a killer meatloaf, or run a business, or choose to raise a child. 

None of the above? 

You probably daydream, and scheme and make wishes. Don’t tell me you don’t. 

Darlin’, that’s creative. 

Your thoughts create worlds. It’s drawing from nothing and making something. And that something is the expanse of your life. 

Your thoughts are the seeds of temples. (tw)

Are you kidding me?! That’s fucking genius. 

Really now, even putting aside the woo-woo (but really not very) idea that thoughts are the creative soup from which all human life springs, even if all you do is sit in a blank room and do nothing your whole livelong life, you are still creating the very vessel in which you live. Your body. 

What could possibly be more creative than that? Skin, organs, veins, breath, inflow, outflow. Life. 

So please, stop insisting that you’re not creative. 


Putting it all back together: why do avoid creativity if it feels so good? 

Because embracing our inherent genius is owning our power. 

And we’re really, incredibly, jaw-droppingly powerful. And that’s hard to admit. Let's get real: It’s downright scary. 

To be creative, we must allow the force of nature to surge through us. The stuff that creates universes. The stuff that makes babies, and buttery cupcakes and Jackson Pollack. That stuff.

In short: 
creativity opens us into being the infinitely powerful beings that we were born to be. (tw)


So please, for your sake, do not ever let these words ever escape your lips again: I am not creative. 

Instead think, speak and write this:

I am a creative genius. 

I am a creative genius. 

I am a creative genius. 

And watch the world unfold...