TOOL: THE 5 WHYS (How to Get to the Heart of Procrastination)

Ever had a to-do item that sat there for weeks (months?!). You stare at it. Think about it. Bitch about it. But somehow you never actually DO anything about it? 

That's happening because there's emotional commotion that's creating the perfect barrier between you and the completion of that thing. 

Using the 5 Whys is a powerful way to get to the heart of what that commotion is. 

To do this effectively, you have to be willing to get really personal, very vulnerable. It's sticky. It's uncomfortable. But what's worse: You guilt tripping yourself (aka resenting, negative talking, self-loathing) for not following through or figuring out, once and for all, what's stopping you and just getting on with it? 

Let's get on with it, shall we?