A Rant on the State of Entrepreneurism

The typical entrepreneur is something of a harried, sometimes disheveled, often under-rested creature. There’s always more to do than there are hours to do it and seemingly never enough (cheap) help to get it done. We’re chasing both the dollar and an allusive sense of achievement and success.

As we meet failure and challenge in our business, we begin to compete with each other to win small battles and feel better about ourselves. To do lists become something of status (Who’s is longer? Who’s is more beastly?). Sleeplessness and hours worked a badge of honor. And there’s a peculiar tendency toward either drinking obscene amounts of caffeine to push through the day or such  hyper self-discipline and obsession with health and ‘performance’ that it borders on becoming a new kind of eating disorder.

Yes, we’re a competitive bunch.

And to what end?

Is engaging in this behavior doing anything to get you the results you want in your business? No, it isn’t. In fact, it’s insane behavior.

Meaning, a balanced and logical individual would take a look at the results of the Entrepreneur Olympics and realize that the gold medal isn’t something that anybody actually wants. The competition itself was wasn’t producing anything but a downward spiral into a lifestyle nobody in their right mind would want to adopt.

Choosing to engage in this behavior is insane. 

So right now, make a decision. Decide to stop being insane.


Please, we need you. We need more awakened, sane entrepreneurs and business leaders. Please, decide to take the different path. Decide to stand up for integrity. Decide to be more than an overworked, stressed out, self indulgant asshole.

Can you do that for us all?  

To help, I made an impromptu contract for you. Use this one or make your own. Most importantly, make the commitment to join the tidal wave of change. 

I, [your name], will no longer engage in insane, crazy making competitions that lead to nowhere and do nothing to create the business future I want.

I will consciously choose to disengage from gossip, complaining, criticizing, condemning and comparing and channel that energy back into creative output and business results.

When somebody asks me “How are things going for you?”, I will say, “Everything is GREAT.”

I will walk away from a gossip session, sit down at my desk and write out my goals instead.

I will go outside and breathe fresh air for at least 15 minutes every day.

I will ask for help and openly receive help when I need it instead of complaining about what I need to do or stressing myself out doing something I’m not good at/skilled at doing or have no time to do.

I will get 8 hours of sleep most nights.

I will give myself (at least) 30 minutes every morning to be still, set intentions and clear my mind before doing anything on my phone or computer.  

I will be a pioneer and leader in the conscious business movement and show everyone around me a new way of being an entrepreneur.

And even if I fail at all of the above, even if I lose my grip for a moment in time, I promise to not be an asshole. 

With clear mind, open heart and of decent sanity,

[Your signature]