Does Your Business Have Guiding Principles?

Knowing your business’ Guiding Principles is like having a powerful secret weapon in your back pocket.

No longer do you have to fret over whether or not to follow the latest marketing trend or pop up celebrity coach. You will know if the tool, technique or tip is right for your business because you’ll know if it’s aligned with your values and vision for your and your business’ future.

That’s power.

You're becoming more conscious and aware of your business and what it takes to succeed. By being aware of your Guiding Principles, you're claiming your inherent autonomy and ability to lead your business.  

When you have your Guiding Principles you know:  

  • What products and services to offer
  • What sales and marketing techniques to use
  • Who to collaborate and partner with
  • What goals to set

This simple exercise has changed the course of my own business – and I watched as eyes brightened and light bulbs blinged for a group of entrepreneurs that I recently worked with.  Within days, two women contacted me to tell me that they’d already changed the entire trajectory of their businesses. Powerful stuff.

Download the worksheet to figure out what your business’ Guiding Principles are.