Are Your Green Smoothies Feeding Your Brain?

Feeding your body and feeding your brain the right ingredients is as important a tool as Breath of Fire or spinal twists (among many, many).

I’ve made feeding myself for energy and vibrancy something of an art form – I like playing with the options, blending the flavors and experimenting with how I feel. What I eat is equally delicious and fuel efficient. And more days than not, I’m drinking a green smoothie.

When I bring my smoothie out with me into the world, more often than not, somebody is asking me what’s in it.

What’s in it, I want to be as energetic as you!

What’s in it, you look so healthy!

What’s in it, I want to feel better, look better, perform better.

Ok, I hear you. For the record, here’s what’s in my smoothie – usually:

  • Filtered water
  • A large handful of fresh greens (kale, baby greens, spinach, whatever I have on hand)
  • A generous pinch of fresh sprouts (clover, alfalfa or microgreens)
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
  • Banana
  • Chia seeds
  • Ground flax seeds
  • MCT oil
  • Raw green plant protein, like this one

Each one of these ingredients do their own work in detoxing your cells, alkalizing your system and improving digestion, which has everything to do with your mental clarity and stamina.

Now, here’s an important disclaimer: Drinking one smoothie is not going to change your life.

Meaning, if you make this once, don’t notice a huge difference in your energy levels and mental clarity, and then quit. Well then, it’s not going to work.

You see, your body works like any other system in the 3D world: It’s dense and complicated and messy.

Let's pretend you’re driving around in your car and for years you only looked forward, out the windshield. For years you’ve been throwing wrappers, discarded notes and any other nonsense into the space behind you never giving it another thought. Then, one day, you turn around and notice the great heaping mess of a back seat you’ve created.

You say, “Ok, I’ve got to clean up this mess. It stinks in here and I feel crowded by all that chaos.”

So you pull into the gas station and buy a deluxe car wash. Your car comes out all sparkly clean and shiny. You’re feeling good about it and proud. The outside looks great, but the inside is still a mess.

This is where some people will stop. The outside looks nice, and that's all that matters. But if you're in this to accelerate upwards and expand beyond what limitations you think gotta do more.

So then you decide to do the real work and clean up the inside of the car. You get a garbage bag, you get big rubber gloves to wear, and you set about cleaning out the obvious debris. That takes some time.

Once the big stuff is gone, you realize there’s stains and gritty stuff left behind that’s more complicated. So you get resolute and recommit. You get out the vacuum and the all-purpose cleaner and get to work. Many hours later, it’s looking better.

The inside is starting to match the outside.

Cleaning out your backseat is like choosing a healthy, high-vibe producing lifestyle. Drinking green smoothies is a part of that. Instead of cleaning the car, you’re cleaning (detoxing) your body. It takes effort and it takes time. That means, it requires a level of maturity and patience. It requires grit and commitment. It requires a level of self-appreciation and desire to do the work to feel really amazing most of the time.

Hello, being mature, gritty, patient and kind isn’t always easy. But they are worthwhile qualities to have in your back pocket should you need them.

Going back to the car metaphor, once you’ve cleaned out the junk you’re going to feel so good and so proud – and you’ll likely think, “I did it. Check.” As if you are now done.

Wrong. Just like a car, your body is going to continue accumulating dirt and grime of the day-to-day world – it’s going to mess up the work you’ve done! That’s life. That’s the way it works.

Drinking one smoothie (or one green drink, or one vegan meal, or whatever...once) isn’t going to do anything terrific for you – beyond a quick run through a cheap car wash. So, you keep drinking green smoothies to keep detoxing and flushing out the dust and grime and amplifying the healing process in your cellular body. It’s science. And applying it is an art.

The art is the playing with combinations that nourish your system and taste great and creating a lifestyle that makes you vibrant and powerful

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