How to Bring Consciousness to Work

You don't have to be radical, hold hands with your coworkers or start giving away all your profits to be a conscious company. 

This is about bringing in consciousness as an integral part of the larger workings of your business. It's integrating the whole self into the business, into the staff and employee pool. 

This is not freaking everybody out and shutting down any opportunity for consciousness to grow. 

Studies have shown that, without question, meditation and mindful practices enhance productivity, morale and profits while decreasing absenteeism and replacement rates. Based on the thousands of studies done, there is no valid reason why every business doesn't already utilize these tools and technologies. 

Look, it doesn't have to look like a roomful of people om'ing on cushions in the board room. 

It can also look like this: 

  • Taking a 10 minute walk around the building or outside to let go of a nasty mood and reset your emotional balance.
  • Shutting off the computer monitor and eating your lunch quietly at your desk while paying attention to the experience.
  • Taking 5 minutes in the car before walking into the office at the beginning of the day to visualize what kind of day you intend to have.
  • Choosing to walk away and not to contribute to negative gossip when you hear it. 
  • Setting an alarm on your computer to go off every 30-45 min to remind you to get up, stretch, move and breath more deeply. 
  • Bringing in a teacher to guide interested staff members in meditation and mindfulness for 30-45/min every week or offering a one-off lunch-and-learn in stress reduction and mindfulness techniques. 

It's imperative that we have more people being more conscious in work and business. And any one of these actions is doable for any person, in any role, at any company or in any workplace.

Will they bring enlightenment? Probably not. That's not the goal. 

The goal is to bring more awareness into everything you do and have more control over the energy you bring in and give out. 

When you're living and working from a place of awareness, you're no longer at the mercy of external events and internal moods. When you're in a place of awareness, you reclaim sovereignty of your own energy centers you regain your power. 

It's not complicated. It only requires your participation. 

Excuses don't apply. 

The time is N O W to change your attitude and your behaviors to lead the charge in the greater change at hand. 

Excuses don't apply.

We need you. Today. 

Are you in?