How to Find the Original Spark for Your Business

"You've lost that lovin' feeeelin', ooooh that lovin' feelin'. You've lost that lovin' feeling now it's gone, gone, gone..." 

It happens. You started a business based on a flash of insight. You tested the idea and both the market and your peers thought it was brilliant. You were riding high on adrenaline and inspiration until bump, bump, bump... 

You skid headfirst into the doldrums. 

It's one thing to launch a business - with all the risk and newness making most everything seem fun - it's another thing entirely to run a business. 

Lots of entrepreneurs learn that they don't actually like (much less love) running their business. The day-to-day is monotonous and boring. What once filled their days with optimism and good cheer has turned into mood swings and desperation. 

So how to you reconnect with the original spark that inspired you to start this business? 

Watch on, dear one.