How to Know if You're Ready for Change

For some it’s hemming and hawing and using a lot of words to explain why now is not the right time and why the change is just not a good idea.

For others it’s creating drama so there are enough obstacles to prevent letting the change in.

And still for others it’s stuffing a schedule so full with busy-ness that there just isn’t time or space to worry about change at all.

Maybe you do all three. 

There is one very clear sign that you’re on the precipice of change: You stall. 

Still, I bet you yearn for change. Go figure.

Look, don't feel bad. We all do it. We all play with the push-pull game with life. It’s what we do and what makes us so endlessly fascinating as people. Some of us are just better at pushing away what we actually want. 

We say we want something, but we don’t go after it. Why? Because that means we have to change our current state of operations to get that something. We have to let go of something to let something in. 

Often times, that something is a headful of what-ifs and worst-case-scenarios that are more like a bad case of scabies that we keep scratching than anything else. We just keep scratching them and they keep itching in an endless cycle of meaningless pleasure and pain.

Basically, it’s a bunch of bullcrap. But it's just so hard to stop and let go.

All that scratching keeps us stalled. We stall because we’re scared that if we change our footing from where we are or (gasp) take a leap to someplace new then there won’t be ground to land on. But guess what? There’s always ground to land on.

Now, the ground might not look exactly as you expected it to look when you took your first step toward leaping, but there is, in fact, always ground. Trust that.

So, what camp do you fall in?

Are you spending a lot of time explaining to people why your life or career sucks?

Good. You’re ready. Stop talking about it. Save the energy.  Spend it instead on researching, learning or hiring a coach to change your career, start a sidegig and get on with it. There is ground to land on.

Are you always in some kind of drama/crisis/hilarious predicament? 

Good. When you stop taking the bait and instead turn your attention and effort toward what you actually desire, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the drama you used to invest in becomes a story of your evolution and success. Seriously. There is ground to land on.

Are you supremely busy but feeling flat? 

Good. You’re ready, too. Clear out what isn’t necessary. Trust me, it will fill in again - fast. This time choose how you use your time. Use it to take steps toward what you actually say you want. There is ground to land on.

Are you spending a significant portion of your day watching tv, cruising the internet or stalling out for hours on social media sites? 

You’re most definitely ready. So now, just stop. Really. Stop. Close the laptop, turn off the tele and take 20 minutes to write out what it is you wish you had that you’re avoiding with content-binging. A new career? Your own online business? More stimulating colleagues? Now that you’ve stopped with the online nonsense you have time to make that change. And yes, there is ground to land on.