How to Make Mindfulness Your Money Maker

A lot has been said about mindfulness.

A bevy of experts have jumped on board and flooded us with books that extol the link between mindfulness and happiness and lives better lived. Like here, and here and here.

So ubiquitous is it that a friend posted on Facebook, “If I hear another person use the word ‘mindful’ I’m going to smash his face in”. It got over 50 likes.

And then we have physicists telling us that according to their observations of galaxies and things in test tubes that everything is energy and the New Age concepts of manifestation are, in fact, real.

Ignore the groaning pragmatists that still insist that life is nonsensical and coincidental. They’ll be fine on their own.

Turn your attention here:

Those thoughts you’ve been examining on the cushion? They’re energy. Your BMW is energy. YOU are energy.  Every single darn thing from memories to the refrigerator is energy.

Granted, it’s energy expressed in different ways. Some is more immaterial than others. Some congeals into touchable, seeable things. Some is as gossamer as – well – a thought.

But in the end, it’s all energy.

So what does this have to do with cash?


You see, your thoughts and emotions blend together to create your presence. How you show up in the world. Your presence is like everything else. It’s energy.

Your presence is your energetic calling card.

You connect with or repel certain people, circumstances, realities, things based on what your personal presence is. It’s universal law of energy: like attracts like.

That means your presence determines the very life you live.

Presence, my friend, is not the woo-woo toting, incense burning, Om chanting, patchouli wearing thing it used to be.

How you show up, how your mitochondria and mind waves vibrate at any given moment determines what signal you’re sending out.  And that signal is looking to do what all things do in the universe: align with what’s like it.

The more often we’re able to ditch the inner chatter the better we’re able to respond to existing circumstances with clarity and certainty.  We do that with presence. We do that by being right here, right now.

Standing in clarity and certainty – gained from being fully present - that is power.

So, presence creates power.

Then, it’s up to you how you choose to use it.

Here’s the thing: responding to what’s currently happening with clarity, certainty and the boldness that comes from being squarely within your personal space of power - that creates the conditions for success.

Success includes cash flow. Therefore, your presence, in a direct way, creates cash.

We like cash.

So, how’s that meditation cushion looking right about now?