How to Use Your Spiritual Practice to Meet Your Business Goals

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

For so many, there is a chasm between spiritual practices and business profits. We uphold a spiritual practice and then we do business. One, then the other. But this is a false dichotomy. The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they have everything to do with each other. 

For those of us that get that on some level, there is still a separation. We fall somewhere within a spectrum that ranges from complex wishful thinking to obsessive attention to a spiritual lineage at the expense of all else.  We write out our intentions every new moon, create a list of goals, make vision boards, pray, meditate, go to church, talk to psychics, talk to coaches, talk to friends and invoke the power of crystals on the altar. 

Though powerful in their abilities, none of it alone will ever be enough in creating what you want in the 3D material world we live in.

Getting clear about what you want and raising your vibration is very important.  

I can geek out on intention-writing and spiritual practices all day long. It feels great. But to manifest what I want, I can't stop there. Doing all that work and not matching it with action is like setting up pipes but forgetting to turn on the water.

You need to harness the energy you've raised through your practice and direct it toward literal action. That's what your spiritual tools and technologies are for: to raise your vibration, expand our vision, deepen our roots so that we can be powerful creators in the material world. When you combine the two, consciousness and action, you have the powerful elixer that creates worlds.  

This is how most people fail. They do some of the work, go half-way, expect everything to fall into place and bitch when it doesn't happen.

That's not how it works. 

It's not terribly complicated. In fact, the formula is simple and has been proven by the most successful among us. It goes like this: 

Step 1: Get really, really clear about what you want.
Write it out. Make a picture. Record yourself talking it out. Do whatever it takes to decrease the vagueness of what you want and zero in on the specifics. 

Step 2: Clear out the clutter that is getting in the way of you getting it (raise your vibration, babe).
Do your yoga, consistently. Journal. Meditate. Chant. Dance. Go to therapy. Howl at the moon. Do whatever it takes to clear out the subconscious obstacles that sabotage your potential and prevent possibilities from taking root. 

Step 3: Get busy going about doing what it takes to make your dreams come true.
Reverse engineer how you're going to reach the goal you've set. Make a list of contacts you can contact to ask for what you need. Research what resources you need and where to locate them. Then, DO IT.

Make the call. Write the article. Create the product. Ask for help. 

You see, the Universe works in favor of those that actively participate. 

Take a look at where you're not showing up or where and when you're playing small. These are the places where your greatest potential is hiding.