How to Get Past Indecision Gridlock

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Being stuck in indecision is my version of hell.

In the very least, it’s a hellish purgatory.

One of my exes had a devout habit of indecision, which felt like a rough wool sweater in July. I tried to make it work by shrinking my expectations to feel the scratchiness of his indecision less, but it never did work.

Then, without a partner to distract me, I realized how often I land in indecision all on my own. In fact, I’m pretty damn good at it. Do I want to eat a burger or salad? Wear a skirt or jeans? Hire a VA or do it on my own?

The stalemates can go on for so long, I forget that I never did decide what to do.

When it comes to decisions that need resolution, I learned an incredibly useful tool from Jackie Knechtal that I use fairly regularly. I’ve tried it on a few others and, without fail, a decision is made.

I will warn you: This process can be entirely irritating. It can cause strong reactions, including feelings of anger, sadness, panic and irrationally strong opinions.

I’ve experienced and/or seen it happen with every person, in every case. 

It’s not the decision-making tool itself. Nor is it the decision you’re making. It’s the raw experience of feeling exposed.

Still with me? Got the cajones to give this a try?

Look, if you’re stuck in deadlock, then there’s something you’re hiding from yourself. By not making a decision, you can keep something safely hidden away that feels better left in the dark. So then, by making a decision, you’re bringing that feeling, that memory, or that thought up to consciousness and – just like anything abruptly exposed to light - it smarts. That’s when we feel the reaction and want to blame the person asking us to make a decision or the tool we’re using to help us make one on our own.

So, if you’re ready to get past the “I just don’t know” space and become a decisive leader of your own making, watch the video: