The Most Important Distinction You Need to Make in Your Business

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Here’s what happens time and again:

You have an idea for a really neat business and it sparks something inside of you.

You start the business with a lot of heart and gumption.

You work, and work, and work on the business for several months, maybe a year, and then…

You stop.

Something else grabs your attention: A conversation, an article, a workshop pulls you in a different direction and everything you’ve worked on gets sucked into this new angle.

You’re “following your intuition”.

You’re “following how you feel”.

(Truth) You’re abandoning your business.   

I get it. I’ve done it.

It’s easy to mistake the urge to follow excitement and new energy for the right way to go about your business. And you’d be correct in following that flow if you are your business and your business is you – and you want to run it that way (like, say a yoga teacher or self-branded life coach). There are cases of this. If this is you, don’t bother to finish the post or to watch the videos. This isn’t for you.

If, however, you’ve created a business that sells an idea, service or things that isn’t you, then marker this on your forehead: You are not your business and your business is not you.

Therefore, how you feel isn’t necessarily important or relevant to the health and wellbeing of your business. What you want to do or what your gut is instructing you to do isn’t (always) in the best interest of your business.

Look, we’re selfish. We’re designed that way. It’s an inborn system to ensure our survival as a species. We angle ourselves and fight (or finagle) to ensure our health, safety and well-being. Lucky for us, it works really well.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have started to confuse our clever survival mechanisms and the growing lust for pleasure for straight up, honest business strategy. What you want and how you feel in the short term does not make good business strategy.

Truth is, you’re in service to your business. You are here to conceive, gestate and birth this idea into the big, beautiful world. Once it’s out there, it’s then your job to facilitate its growth while learning how to get out of its way. Because businesses want to grow. They will grow. But we get in the way by over-managing, over-directing, over-hovering and end up smothering the poor thing into stunted potential.

Don’t do that.


Get out of the way. Stop confusing the direction of your intuition and feelings for good business strategy. Remember that you are in service to your business. So, let your business tell you what it needs and serve that.   



ONUS: What are the key indicators that you're confusing your business for you? Find out in the bonus video: