Resistance is Not the Enemy

Living with the voices inside our head is a lot like living with a houseful of unruly 3 year olds who all have an opinion and want to be heard.

Fortunately – or not – the voices aren’t as audible as children can be.

Of the voices, we all have them. And we all try to pretend they’re not there. Ignoring them doesn’t help. Pulling the blinds and closing the door doesn’t either. They’re still there. And they only get louder and more persistent until we pay attention.

Until you pay attention to what you’re resisting, you won’t have the breakthroughs that you’re gunning for. (tweet me)


How to Use Resistance to Create Breakthrough: 

Set a timer for 1 minute. Then sit down with a blank piece of paper and write what you want for your business. Think big, BIG. Bigger.

The minute will go by very quickly, so you don’t have time to hesitate. So write.

When the alarm dings. Pause. Don't cheat yourself, which means resist the urge to change what you wrote, add to it or erase something. Leave it as is. 

Read over what you just wrote and notice what comes up for you as you do it. What voices of resistance, disbelief and discontent come up to keep you small?

Write those down. It might be something like:

  • Yeah, right. That’ll never happen.
  • Who do you think you are?
  • You’re not that lucky.
  • You could have done this better, lamo. 
  • It hasn't happened yet, so it's probably not going to happen.  

Knowing what the voices say and clearly looking at them in the face is far more powerful and expansion generating than keeping them locked away in your head. 

Get them out. Look at them. Know them. 

Now, ask yourself (this is the moment...): What is that belief giving me? What do I get from believing that? 

You're getting something from it. 

Maybe it gives you a (false) sense of security. Maybe you feel like you're being a better daughter/son/spouse/mother/father by believing that. 

Whatever it is, now you know.

Knowing what is that is holding you back gives you the power for breakthrough. Now the beliefs have no power over you because you can see them clearly and choose - choose between those beliefs or creating new ones.

Indeed, you can look them plainly in the face and declare, You have no power over me. 

Do it. And see what happens.