How to Know if You Need a Spiritual Practice

In a recent survey of my newsletter subscribers, I asked them what questions they had for me and this idea that strategically applying spiritual tools can catapult business (and life, in general) success. One of the more interesting questions was:

“How do I know if I need a personal/spiritual practice?”

Good question.

How do you know?

Is it a lightning bolt of inspiration that wakes you up? Probably not.

Is it somebody stopping you on the street and saying, “You know, I think you need a personal practice to light up your business.” Hardly.

Do you decide one day that you've had enough of the hamster wheel, the nagging sense that you're capable of so much more and the only thing standing in your way is you? That would be about right.

The answer is really a follow on to this article, a Meditation Primer for Beginners.

Without bias (ok, maybe a little) or dipping into New Age babble, having a personal, reflective daily practice is one of the most transformative and powerful choices you can make for yourself. And your business. 

It will make you clearer, sharper, more confident, more grounded, less reactive, less stressed and overall more aware of opportunities and the magnificence of life in general. Summarized: Tuning in, clearing out the junk and making yourself a clear channel for your life and business is like choosing to have a super power. 


Ok, so you're still wondering if you need a practice?

Answer this:

Do you feel like you have enough time in your day to do everything you want to do?

If you answered no, then a personal practice would help.

Do you want to have more focus and concentration day-to-day?

If you answered yes, then a personal practice would help.

Do you want more clarity and less foggy headedness?

If you answered yes, then a personal practice would help.

Do you get caught in mental commotions or downward spirals of limited perspective and negativity?

If you answered yes, then most definitely you would benefit from a daily practice.

A daily practice that involves reflection, intentional breathing, and raising of your energy and awareness is the only thing I know of that will fundamentally transform your mental state from one of limitation, negativity and problem-seeking to one of expansion, positiveness and receptivity to opportunities.

A daily practice will generate time.

Repeat: A meditation or personal reflective practice will generate time.

Lack of time is the #1 thing I hear everybody complain about. And the solution is right in front of you.

It can be as simple as setting a time for 5 min, closing your eyes and feeling the breath enter and exit the body.

It can be as robust as developing a practice that includes a variety of tools from across disciplines that over time will be a critical part of achieving your goals.

And everything in between.

When you clear out and quiet down the mental commotion going on inside your brain, you gain a tremendous amount of time. You reduce the time spent in a state of confusion, mental fog or distraction.

All the time you lost staring off into space or playing on social media is regained in time spent in awareness, and cognitively choosing to be creative, productive or embodied relaxation. You get a hold of the ADD brain plague and retrain yourself to stay on task in the moment.

When you are aware of yourself and within the present moment, you choose how you want to spend that moment. When you’re not aware, you can wake up out of distraction or mental fog and have no idea where the time went. Ever had that happen?

It’s really that simple. And that practical.

The tools are here for you.

It’s up to you to decide if and when you’ll use them.

Contact me if you're ready to rise up and align yourself with your greatest excellence through a personalized daily practice + wellness plan (or check out what Amplify Sessions are all about).