TOOL: ADDICTION MEDITATION (How to Stop Being So Neurotic)

Our modern culture is in the midst of a pandemic. And it's spreading fast. 

No, it's not going to liquify your insides or make you into a zombie. It's worse than that: It's taking over your mind. 

And the virus is so clever in its execution that it's co-opted you into doing its bidding. You willingly, eagerly, zealously feed it so its roots twist deeper into your psyche, giving it more control over you, more power. 

What is this? 

The addiction to subconscious patterning and our way of seeing the world. 

This can most obviously show up as addiction to smoking, eating, drugs and alcohol. But it can also and just as insidiously show up as addiction to love, acceptance, approval, achievement, advancement, even rejection. 

We're complicated creatures, we are. 

This tool is one that one of my teachers suggests we all do every day, no excuses. It will unhook you from the addictions you have - however the neurotic and unbalanced behavior shows up in your life. 

Don't worry, you're not alone. We all have them. 

Watch the video to get started freeing yourself from your particular addictions:  

This meditation actually works directly with the pineal gland, which is located at the center of your brain. The actions and mental sounds generated by using this tool regulate the rhythm of the pineal gland, which regulates the rest of the glandular system. When the pineal gland is out of balance, regular habits turn into addictions. 

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