TOOL: BREATH OF FIRE (One of the Most Simple + Powerfully Transformative Tools)

I get asked all the time what I do to keep growing my business, stay incredibly creative, nurture so many beautiful relationships, stay vibrantly healthy, get eight-hours sleep and have plenty of time to take care of my spiritual and personal needs…and seem so calm and optimistic all the time?

It's not like everything is perfect. Far from it. 

Instead, I have a practice that calibrates my mind + body to my higher self every morning - and other tools to back me up throughout the day (like essential oils, mantras, yoga poses and good friends). 

Life is hard. The struggle is real. And we have ways to mitigate and change that. 

There is another way.

I'm not going to promise you a silver bullet. That wouldn't be fair. But there are tools to clean out the junk that are clogging up the flow + align with your own spiritual center to power up your business. 

There's a science to it. A technology. A system.

And this one tool is an excellent example of the profound impact a simple exercise can have on you and your business:


You can also download a one-pager with instructions to keep on your desktop or print out.

So I challenge you: Do this practice for 3 minutes every day for 30 days. Try it out. And then email me (or post on Facebook or Twitter) and tell me what your response is!