TOOL: SPINAL TWIST (How to Get Rid of Stagnation)

In every professional's life there comes a time when stagnation hits.

It looks like glazed eyes. It feels like cotton balls inside your brain. Or the experience of being stuck in an emotion (repeating an irritating scenario over and over, replaying a conversation), inaction and procrastination, or spinning of your wheels. 

When this happens it's the experience of energy not flowing. Instead, the energy gets snagged and caught in a repeat pattern. You can think of it like leaves getting pulled into an eddy. Instead of flowing down the river and enjoying the ride, they get sucked into a little whirlpool, spinning in place and most definitely not flowing down the river. 

There are a lot of techniques and tools to get out of that spin - and the spinal twist is a great one to use. 

Watch this video to see how: 

You can use the spinal twist whenever you feel stagnated. It will flush your system with fresh oxygen and blood while detoxing your insides. Your brain and your body will be more vibrant just for doing it once - do it repeatedly and the results become more impressive. 

Do you use the spinal twist as a tool in your life and business? Do tell. 

Download the bonus one-page PDF with extra tips on the spinal twist