5 Steps to Improve Self-Confidence in Business

For every business, there is a founder – or team of founders – who is uniquely created to be the owner and facilitator of that business. Every business owner and business leader has a distinctive constellation of traits, talents, skills, beliefs, strengths and limitations that form the basis for how their business shows up in the world.

But there are so many similarities between us.

One of them being, a consistent, persistent lack of self-confidence.

No matter how big or small your business is, no matter what successes or failures you’ve experienced, every entrepreneur and business leader faces this mental state in the quiet, dark corners of the mind.

Some have mastered and use the tools to leapfrog over this obstacle. We witness that in the truly great among us. We honor, adore, herald and admire these business greats for their ability to nimbly manage their mental states, apply themselves to business, and outwardly manifest world change through smart commerce and strategy.

You can do this, too.

Just pick up the tools and start using them.

To overcome the debilitating state of paralysis that comes with habitual lack of self-confidence you only need to have 5 basic practices:

Check out the other tools mentioned in the video and download the free instructions:

Breath of Fire

One Minute Breath

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