TOOL: VICTORY BREATH (To Align With Positive Outcome)

There comes a time in every entrepreneur's day when overwhelm, frustration or straight up anger have the opportunity to get the better of us. Does that sound about right? 

For me, it can be multiple times per day, depending on if I'm on an upswing or down. 

When I hit that place, I pull this tool out and give it 1 minute of my time. It has the ability to powerfully and effectively reset your mind state, realign your energy and flush your biology with feel-good hormones to get you back into a place of determined, optimistic action. 

Because swirling in the place of anger, frustration or overwhelm is never useful - and, hello, you have things to do and worlds to change. Right? 

And don't forget to download a one-pager with extra instructions! 

I challenge you now to test out this tool. The next time you hit a proverbial wall and want to give up, try this breath and pay attention for any shifts you experience. Tune in, and let it do its work. Then email me (or post on Facebook or Twitter) and tell me what you experience!