Are you ready to start a business but have too many ideas floating around and can't figure out which one to zero in on? 

This is the number one reason most people never make the leap from dreaming about it to doing it. 

Clarity Sessions help you cut through the fog and become brilliantly clear about which idea to hone in on and activate. 


4-weeks of clarity producing, confustion-busting converation, worksheets, and resources designed to take you step-by-step through the framework to figure out what idea is the most aligned with your goals and vision, and your audience, while being viable in the marketplace.


  • Finally know and decide on which idea to land on
  • Be aligned and ready to take steps to turn your idea into a real business
  • Investing in a future where you make money from your own business instead of a paycheck is literally priceless 


Week 1: Defining Your Vision and Values
In this first week, we'll start with the end: what you most desire and dream of. Don't be nervous - this is what you're here for. And there's a step-by-step process to make it easy(er). We'll get out the ridiculous, the probable and the possibly-maybe options and put them out on display. You'll have your own personal spectrum laid out in front of you, spanning the fantastical to the mundane. 

Week 2: Defining Your Capacities
We'll get clear about what makes you incredibly you - your unique skills, qualities, interests and talents. Distilled down and made clear, you'll be sure about what makes you brilliant, what you can offer, and what people are asking for. 

Week 3: Defining Your Resources
We'll answer the questions that so many emerging entrepreneurs ignore: What resources do you have and what resources do you need? From there, we'll dig into and get practical about where is the money and support is going to come from. Answering these questions is a key factor in getting clear about what business to choose and what trips up so many on the path to profitability. 

Week 4: Committing
By now you're well into possessing a clear picture of what business you're ready to start. Still, to do a thorough job, we'll don lab coats and figure out what makes sense for you based on what we've discovered so far. We'll think big, and small. No idea is too ridiculous, or normal. By the end you'll be locked into the one idea and be ready to launch your business.  

Are you ready?


Once you book your spot, you'll receive the first set of questions via email. These questions will get you thinking about the ideas you have and what you really want deep down, which will prepare you for our first session together. 

Our first session (we'll have four, in total), we'll dig into the first set of questions and go deeper. Next, we'll turn to identifying and defining your values and vision. At the end of that session, and every session, you'll receive the next set of worksheets to work through over the next week. 

We'll talk for 45 minutes every week for 4 weeks. You'll get 4 sets of worksheets to work through, plus any additional resources or homework that come up in our discussion and unlimited email support in-between.

Be prepared to be challenged. Getting clear isn't always easy but it's the most delicious, invigorating place to be when you finally get there. 


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  • On my end, once I've received your payment and the form (the green light), I'll send you a link so you can book our first session together.
  • And then away we go.