Simpler, by Design

I am not a machine. I am not a consumer, or customer, or a digit on a spreadsheet. 

I am a human. 

Being human, I like things designed for me. Like walks on the beach, conversations over shared bread, making things with my hands (and wits), and thinking things through. 

I hunger for things that move at my speed. Things not so harried and urgent. At least, not all the time. 

The craving I have is to slow down and allow less to be enough. I want to feel, and feel it move through me, completed. 

I want time for rambling, and i-don't-know, and well-let's-see. I tire of the syncopated exactitude of acronyms and abbreviations. I want time to say a full name. To remember. To figure it out. 


What I want, is a life designed with a human in mind. 

What I crave: intimacy, community, inventiveness, ingenuity and conversation. My current life is a creative exploration and deliberate integration of the digital world with our analog interior. 

This is: 

writing - on slow snapshots of the spaces I'm in, on the luxury of living with less, on the pleasures of deliberately slowing down and living a simpler life designed with a human in mind.