You don't fit into a box. 

Nor does your business.

So why would you try to fit into a package? 

You need brass tacks strategy and focused action that's generously blended with oxygen to breath, think, experiment, be creative and feel things out.

After all, starting a business is not a science. Starting a business is an art.

The old rules just don't apply.

Sure, there are some business rules that make sense and advice you probably want to take but, increasingly, 
we're living in a rule-less world where creativity and innovation bend boundaries and redefine what's possible.  

The business you're about to create comes from a place within you that doesn't fit the old paradigm. It's creative. It's smart. It's unlike anything you've done before and it has a purpose. 

If that feels right, if you know that you don't fit into a wham-bam package, then this is for you. 

Together, we create a schedule and rhythm based on your shifting needs and availability. That means it's as intense or casual as you need it to be. We might talk every day for 10 minutes or once a month for 3 hours. 

This experience is based on you, your goals, your vision and your business.  

What you'll get is a customized experience that delivers what you need.


  • Up to 4 hours of Skype or in-person sessions each month

  • In between email support so you have the resources you need and your questions answered to keep your momentum going

  • A 6-month Roadmap to keep you focused and on track 

  • Plus, resources, worksheets and references to make sure you have everything you need to launch and grow as quickly as you'll let it happen


  • Choose your payment option below then click on the button to complete your payment. 
  • Once submitted, you'll be taken to a questionnaire. This gives you a chance to clarify what business you want to launch and gives me the information I need to help us get started. 
  • Once I receive the form and your payment, I'll send you a follow up email confirming everything. Plus, you'll receive a link to schedule our first call together. 
  • From there, it's all systems GO. 
  • Are you ready? 

Investment: $500/mo with a 3-month minimum commitment

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