START YOUR OWN BUSINESS: digital workshop
Saturday, June 18
10am - 3pm PST


You're fed up with your day job, can't stand your boss and dream of running your own business.

But you have no idea where to begin. 

It all seems so confusing. There's SO MUCH information out there - and nothing seems to tell you exactly how to get started. 

What you need is step-by-step direction that helps you create the solid foundation that leads to knowing what to do and gives you a roadmap forward. 

For $99 you get:

  • 4 hours of step-by-step instruction
  • 30-page workbook with reusable templates + worksheets
  • Live streaming and post-workshop videos to review at your convenience
  • Post-workshop accountability
  • Optional add-on: 60-minute follow up coaching session within 30 days of workshop

Instead of quitting your day job to start your business (bad idea! bad idea!), I'll teach you how to hang on to your job (your stability + grounding) while starting a business on the side without losing your mind. 

Some of the best businesses start this way.

Join other multi-passionate, creative professionals for an information-packed workshop designed to give you the foundation you need to build a business that makes money and has meaning and purpose to you. 

What you'll walk away with:

  • Learn and apply the road-tested framework for fast(er), easy(er) startup success. 
  • Avoid the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make!
  • Lean how to explore and analyze your market.
  • Learn the basics of how to market using email marketing, social media, PR and the other tools every successful business employs.
  • Gain lots of resources, tips and tricks to help you get you started.

Prerequisites for this workshop:

  • A business idea to work with
  • Good humor, curiosity and a burning desire to test your mettle as a purpose-based entrepreneur


What is a digital workshop and how does it work? 

The entire workshop will be online using video - so you can join in from anywhere! In your office, from your kitchen table, or poolside. Take your pick. 

If you've ever taken a webinar online, then you'll be familiar with the technology - for this workshop, we'll be using Zoom. You will receive an email from me 2-3 days before the workshop begins with a link to the workshop. 

We'll all be able to see each other and there will be a chat room to talk to each other and ask questions. 

The workshop will be split into two parts, each 2 hours with a 1 hour lunch break in between. So it will look like this: 
10:00am (PST) - 12:00pm: Session 1
12:00pm - 1:00pm: Lunch Break
1:oopm - 3:00pm: Session 2 

How is this workshop different from other "start your business programs? 

I get it. There are so many options to choose from. Why choose to take this workshop instead of a different class, workshop or $1000+ program? 

Here's why: You want to start a purpose-based business that has meaning for you and you want to do it in a way that connects heart to head, head to heart. Look, business is about making money - that's just practical. But the way you set up and run the business is up to you - that's personal. This workshop considers both. 

Why should I take this if there's free information on the web? 

There are plenty of entrepreneurs that figure it out on their own using free resources. You can, too. 

But if you're ready to get going NOW, then you're ready for this workshop. 

No more searching Google, reading endless blog posts, getting confused with conflicting information, feeling overwhelmed. This workshop will take you step-by-step to establish your business foundation and set you in motion. 

Can I ask questions during the workshop? 

Absolutely. In fact, questions are encouraged. 

What if I need help after the workshop is over? 

That happens all the time - and it's why I've included a choice to add a session after the workshop is over! 

The extra hour of personalized time together, one to one, will give you a deep infusion of my 10+ years of experience and knowledge coaching and consulting entrepreneurs. We'll work on filling in the gaps and making sure you have solid steps to take to get you moving forward. 

Do you have other questions that aren't here? Email me at