Business is an unstoppable creative force.

And so are you.

If you don't feel this way right now - If you're frustrated or scared about what to do - If you're confused about the next step - If you're not sure if there is a next step - If getting started seems like an impossible task but you're ready to do the work, then, 

You're in the right place. 

I help conscious entrepreneurs get past the blocks and create the business they have inside of them.

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If you don't see what you want, contact me. Everything is figureoutable. 

Explore Ways to Activate + Amplify


Heather combines her 20+ years experience with applied spiritual technologies and practical business strategy to elevate + activate entrepreneurs.


Bring Amplify Effect to your audience, event or team meeting in Southern California and beyond. From classes, to retreats and music festivals, you can find a way to amplify your mindset.


Elevate your mindset and energy with products made intentionally to meet the daily needs and demands of entrepreneurs and visionaries working hard to create something in the world. 




" Since working with Heather, I'm much more clear and confident. She pays attention, asks the right questions and helps you do and get what you want - patiently, step by step."
- Liz Eastwood Lehman, Writer + Founder of


" Heather gave me a greater sense of what I’m capable of. I became aware of what was holding me back and now I’m on fire!" 
- Victoria Stone

" Heather's calm and inspired guidance helped me identify and face the fears and doubts that were holding me back. Now I'm on my way to creating my life vision!" 
- Jennifer Peragine, Speech + Language Pathologist

" I would recommend working with Heather. Her smarts and goodness just shine through everything and you can't help but be infested with her excitement for what's possible."
- Ada la Greca, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications at FremantleMedia


" Heather has truly blessed my life in so many ways! I felt well versed in healing modalities and meditation techniques. However, with Heather's careful listening, expert guidance and keen insights I've been challenged, stretched myself, set new goals, which translates into new clients!"
- Jacqueline Texler, Success + Life Coach

" Heather is contagious. Her energy, wisdom and insight could spur anyone into action. That said, Heather is real. I love that she doesn't blow smoke about everything but brings real perspective on what it's like to be a business owner, what it's like to fail, to succeed, to want more, to strive for more."
- Laura Baker, UC Irvine School of Law


On a big picture scale, working with Heather has been the single most powerful thing I have done for myself this year." 
- Hilary Prentice, Writer, Director and Actor


" I just wanted to thank you...You've affected me in a very positive way and I'm sure you've done the same for many others. Thank you."
- Geoffrey Setiawan


" Heather really listens...deeply. Working with her has helped me slow down and get clear. That has changed everything." 
Kelley Madden


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